What are handicap bets and how do they work?

Handicap betting is a widely popular market in sports betting, particularly prevalent in the world’s top three sports: football, basketball, and tennis. While the basic principles of handicap betting remain consistent across these sports, there are nuanced differences in how it is applied. In this guide, 10jili will walk you through everything you need to know about betting handicaps.

The best sports betting houses to make handicap bets

  • License: The best online sports betting houses in Mexico must have a license to operate legally in the country. This gives them extra security that every user appreciates.
  • Interface: There are few things worse than being on a platform where browsing becomes an ordeal. The best online sports betting houses in Mexico feature simple interfaces where placing a bet takes just a few seconds.
  • Odds: Odds are essential to win in the medium and long term. Therefore, we only look for Mexico online sports betting houses with high odds. Obviously, it is always good to diversify and be registered with several operators. This way you can always choose the best odds!
  • Number of markets: Although we have chosen the betting houses based on their handicap betting offer, an operator in this sector must stand out for having a large number of markets beyond handicap betting. This is the case of the bookies included in the table.
  • Customer support: If you have any problems in your user experience, it is good to have good customer support. This is the case of the operators that we collect in this table. In them, you will solve practically any setback in a matter of minutes or hours.
  • Promotions: Welcome bonuses are essential to grow in the sector. We value them to make our selection of the best online sports betting houses.

What are handicap bets and how are they determined?

Handicap betting is used to give an advantage or disadvantage to one of the participants in the event. In this way, the contest is supposed to be equal. The favorite will have a harder time winning, but the odds will be more attractive. The underdog will present lower odds, but will have more options to emerge victorious.

To determine handicap lines, the best sportsbooks use sophisticated algorithms. Therefore, they are usually very well adjusted and it is difficult to detect errors. However, if you are good at analyzing trends, you can obtain quite a few benefits in the medium and long term. On the other hand, some betting houses offer additional lines to the standard one.

How do handicap bets work?

In football, handicap bets need a detailed explanation, since there are various types of handicap bets that complicate the market a bit. However, in handicap tennis bets and handicap basketball bets they are very clear. It involves adding or subtracting a number of games (tennis) or points (basketball) from the participants.

That is, they are bets on the winner but taking into account that additional advantage or disadvantage. Imagine that you make a tennis bet with a -4.5 handicap in favor of Rafael Nadal. This will mean that Nadal must win by a difference of 5 or more games (to do this, all the games achieved by both tennis players are added and compared).

As for basketball handicap betting, more of the same. An example would be to place a bet with a +9.5 handicap on the Orlando Magic’s victory against the Boston Celtics. What does this mean? That the Florida team will not lose by a difference of 10 points or more. The final result is taken and the handicap is applied to see if the bet was successful or not.

When handicap bets present a number without decimals, it is very possible that they will be voided in the event of a tie. This depends on the sport and the house rules, but it is typical. For example, if Orlando Magic’s positive handicap was +9 and the game ended Orlando Magic 101-110 Boston Celtics, the bet would be voided and the amount invested would be returned to you.

Types of Asian handicap

The Asian handicap is one of the most used markets in football. For the first-time bettor it can be somewhat complex to understand, since there are many types of Asian handicap. Below, we try to explain the different types of Asian handicap so that you start knowing how to place bets with handicaps of this type.

Whole Asian Handicap

Full Asian handicap bets consist of adding or subtracting from the team’s score the number of goals indicated by the selection. If the handicap is positive and the team wins or draws the match, the bet is won. In the event that the bet is lost due to the goal difference established by the handicap, the bet is cancelled. Yes, adding the handicap, the rival’s score.

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